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Nah, we didn't google that pic! That's just Camillo hanging half-way out of the window of a car riding over the bumpiest road you can imagine in the middle of Kenya. ;-)
We're makers. We go do stuff. But we also know how to make concepts and plan everything to get it done properly.
We're rigorous with the details, and we love to push it to the max.

Are you a company, band, event or venue?

Our professional productions will increase your reach, thus bringing new visitors to your gigs or events and keep your existing fans wanting more.
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Clients: Make me Smile Festival, Ginkgo Tree Music, Vienna EUDC

Take a Smile Events

Our main event to date is the Make me Smile Festival,
a charity reggae festival on behalf of Make Me Smile Kenya.
We are currently waiting in the wings with other special events for this NGO by the end of 2014. If you have your own idea for an event but need advice and help creating your event concept or promotion, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Projects

Make me Smile Festival, Documentary on Make Me Smile Kenya, Enjoy your life project...
The fields we're engaged in are wide-spread and we're always open to new projects, you should definitely take a closer look.
"MORE ON THAT" gives you details on our current projects.


The Family

The Take a Smile Family extends over the borders of countries, continents, conventions and other man-made barriers. We are united in our beliefs and our approach towards the realization of projects. There are only a few of us on this pic Josip took last summer at Make Me Smile Kenya, where we volunteered and shot footage for a documentary and photo exhibition.
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We have a story to tell...

Do you remember that moment with some of your best friends talking about a project for the thousandth time and you saying, 'lets go do it now'?

We do. And we think about that first sunny day in the spring of 2012 in a park with a big smile on our faces whenever somebody asks us what we do and how this all started!

Back then Tom came up with an idea...


His dream was to organize an event with some of the Reggae artists he'd worked with as a graphic and web designer in Vienna. Tom always insisted that he wanted to give the profit of the event to charity. Josip, now our creative director, completed this approach by saying:

"I got a friend whose NGO is called Make Me Smile Kenya. They do amazingly awesome sustainable work in the western part of Kenya."


Luke, student in Event Management back then, offered his collaboration under one condition:

"We do it as great as we can under the given conditions or we don't do it at all."

So that is how the "Make me Smile Festival" was born.

The story was continued by Roger, a business economics student from Luxembourg, who joined the team. After receiving wonderful feedback for our event and the accompanying media productions we were thinking:

"Why not combine forces and use our network of creative professionals to extend our passion for perfection to customer projects?"


We believe that together we can change the way people work in creative environments as much as in providing our customers with carefully designed products and services.

We are a family of creative people with different backgrounds. We are proud to combine graphic, photo, video, audio, organization, management and financial skills.
The glue holding everything together and letting us work even better is our friendship.

We dream about being able to expand our work and spread the word even outside Vienna to other big cities in Austria or go even international.

Dream big they say. So we do. This is what lights a fire in our bellies.
This is why we hop out of bed bright and early every morning, highly motivated – knowing we can do the work that we love.

Wanna do business with us? We would! :-)


Take a Smile Media Productions

Media Productions
and events initiated by young, creative artists."

We offer a wide range of services for bands/artists, companies, events and venues. Our productions and services will increase your reach, thus attract new customers to your company or new visitors to your gigs/events and bind existing ones as well. As we have the knowledge and the resources to transfer your idea to a concept leading to a final product we create added value for you and your customers/fans. Check out below, what we can do for YOU.


- Image Movie / Spot
- TV / Radio Spot


- Impressions Movie
- After Movie
- Teaser / Trailer
- Photography
- Print Media Design
- TV / Radio Spot


- Music Video Production
- Live Video Production
- DVD Production
- Photography


- Image Movie / Spot
- Image Photography
- Print Media Design

Take A Smile Events

We became project management professionals because we had to so we could realize our own projects with the amount of perfection we asked. And now, we want to use our skills and the network we built to bring YOUR events to the next level.

We gathered our first experiences mainly organizing the Make me Smile Festival which has taken place successfully twice by now. In addition to that we arranged some side-events last year to draw some attention to Make Me Smile Kenya and the Festival.

This fall we'll not only present the Make me Smile Festival for the third time, but also our documentary on Make Me Smile Kenya.

If you have a wonderful idea for an event too, let us know. We offer services like assistance in planning and conceptional design, marketing as well as media productions for your event.

Take a Smile current projects

Make me Smile Festival

Charity Reggae Festival

With finest Reggae, a music genre that's connected to a feeling of unity, peace and happiness and yet criticizing our society and system like no other, we celebrate annually since 2012 for a good cause. All income of the Make me Smile Festival is donated directly to specific projects of the NGO Make me Smile Kenya.

To project-website

Fruit Tree Farming

Documentary about Make Me Smile Kenya

Filmmaker Josip Jukic-Sunaric and his team take us on a journey to the projects of the NGO Make Me Smile Kenya. Our documentary accompanies NGO founder Maximilian Ullrich, project executive Simon Otieno and a handful volunteers working on these projects. And it also gives a voice to vulnerable children and families empowered by MMSK.

Vienna EUDC

Media Productions

The European Universities Debating Championships will take place in Vienna. 250 teams will have the Euros of their life at a brand new university campus right next to the Danube from 1-7 August 2015. The TaS-Team is responsible for a variety of media productions revolving around the Championship.

To project-website

Our Core Team

Tom Haider

| Founder, Graphics and Web Design, Video Postproduktion

Self-Employed Graphics Designer since 2008, Web and Printdesign
Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, AfterEffects

Luke Ritter

| Founder, Audio Engineer, Event Management, Marketing

Studied Audio Engineering, Event Management and International Marketing, 3 semesters in Copenhagen.
Skills: ProTools, live sound, management, marketing conceptual design

Josip Jukic-Sunaric

| Founder, Photographer & Film Maker, Creative Director

Worked as a photographer and filmmaker for several artists and companies.
Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Aperture, Photography, Film/Video Production

Roger Winandy

| Founder, Financial Affairs, Organisation/Management, Communication

Studies financial studies at the WU and is currently spending a semester in Tokyo.
Skills: Financial Affairs, Marketing & Sales, Networking

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